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10 Unpleasant Facts All C-Section Moms Will Instantly Relate To

1. The anesthesia on the spine hurts like hell.

That needle inserted into the spine to prevent pain itself is the most painful.

2. The endless preparation that freaks you out!


Being shaved down there by an unknown human, the enema experience, insertion of the catheter, the painful IV, and then being asked to relax when you are about to be strapped to a table where you will be ripped apart.

3. Being able to hear everything that doctors are talking about.

“Pass me the scalpel”, “forceps please”, “control the BLOOD flow”…that’s enough to give you a mini heart attack already….

4. Being ripped apart by unknown human/s while conscious of the fact “to err is human”.

You got to be a lioness!

5. Everything thereon seems like a nightmare, from turning in the bed to sitting, to standing…


…and the doctors advise and encourage you to initiate your walking from the very next day for faster recovery. Are you kidding me?! Well, I was literally forced to stand up and walk at least for 15 minutes, just 24 hours after I was stitched back up.

6. Endorsing a permanent scar that will peep from your bikini every single time.

That scar is your friend (or foe) for life! But that’s a proof of your immense strength and courage, so flaunt it, babe!

7. Nothing remains ”normal!”


Because it takes a lot of time to get back to a normal routine…though “normal is history once you are a mum”.

8. Looked down or being mocked at by other moms who delivered naturally.

Just because you delivered from your vagina doesn’t make you any greater a mom than I am. Wanna see my scar, anyone?

9. Fully aware of the fact that the probability of having future babies will be through a similar method.

More often than not, if the first child has been delivered through a C-section, the probability of future deliveries through this method is quite high. Unless you are blessed or are in really good hands the next time!

10. The pressure of breastfeeding your child soon after your stomach has been stitched back.

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