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9 Easy Steps to Have Flawless Skin in a Week

(I really didn’t expect this to get so much views, I just wanted to share how important it is to learn to take better care of our skin.

For me this is the way I do it and it is safe and effective to keep my active skin from getting extreme break outs. This method is easy, this is what everyone does, it may seem like “duhh.. everyone knows how to do that” but really.. not everyone knows everything like you do.
This works for a majority of skin types but if you have severe skin problems then please consult with a doctor. And I am not a doctor, obviously. ^__^
Also please bare in mind, this was a very highly requested topic from a lot of my younger viewers from around the world especially asians and a lot of them are young and may not understand english very well. So I made this video in as simple english as possible.

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