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HOW TO PICK THE PERFECT WATERMELON: 5 KEY TIPS FROM AN EXPERIENCED FARMER There is nothing more refreshing and delicious than a cold slice of watermelon. But, this does not mean that all watermelons on the market are delicious, and it seems that picking the best one is up to …

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21 Fruits And Veggies You Didn’t Know Grew Like That

21 Fruits And Veggies You Didn’t Know Grew Like That 1. Asparagus grows STRAIGHT OUT OF THE GROUND and it’s kinda creepy. Matt Cardy / Getty Images 2. Eggplants grow on low plants and are technically berries (wtf). 3. Peanuts grow underground and look kinda gnarly. Don Emmert / AFP …

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7 Drinks You Should Avoid at All Costs

#1 Processed Lemonade We’re talking about the packaged lemonade powders that you buy pre-made. They’re filled with artificial flavoring, crazy amounts of sugar and preservatives, which makes this traditional summer drink as toxic as sodas. You’re better off with home squeezed fresh lemons, while going easy on the sugar or …

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