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DIY: Try Strawberry And Cream Cupcake Recipe This Weekend

You’re probably watching way too many easy baking videos on your social media feed these days but here’s a special one. If you love strawberries and cream together, you’re definitely going to go nuts for these strawberry and cream cupcakes.  Directions and procedure for making it is all given below. 

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Amazing Recipe For Curing High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol 

Now-a-days with the more consumption of junk food and low nutrient carrying meals, the risk of health problems is increasing respectively. Many health issues including blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity are very common these days. And corresponding to them, billions of people intake a lot of medicines which are …

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How to Make Edible Chocolate Dessert Cups

How to Make Edible Chocolate Dessert Cups Serving desserts like fruit, chocolate mousse or ice cream in tea cups is so lady-like and festive, but you know what really takes it to the next level? Making those teacups edible and CHOCOLATE! After all, what’s better than a treat so good, …

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I’ve Never Cooked Spaghetti Like This Before! Yum!

I’ve Never Cooked Spaghetti Like This Before! Yum! Spaghetti is simple and easy, right? Throw it in some water, cook until tender, and top it with tomato sauce. For most people I know, that’s it, and they trust the sauce to give the dish its flavor. And while we’ll never …

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Chinese Cooks Laugh Heartily As They Skin And Cook Rats

Eating habits differ from culture to culture, and there’s no surprise there. But what is also true is how people from other cultures might feel certain habits despicable and repelling. Well, here’s an example that speaks loud enough for itself. Watch how Chinese cooks of a restaurant laugh heartily as …

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