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7 Differences Between Single Vs. Committed People

#7 When you’re committed, your money starts to fly out the window. There’s always a birthday, anniversary, or special event that requires a nice meal and nice clothes. #6 Committed people have to return texts within an acceptable window of time. Single people can go days without checking in with the rest …

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15 EPIC Fails That Could Only Be Described As Hopeless..

#15 they never seen a human before? #14 SHOULD I BELIEVE!? WHAT IS LIFE!? #13 don’t mind me…just doing my job. Nothing to see here.” #12 did they even do this? #11 is literally the definition of irony. DiscoverEPIC FailsTextile artsRealism (arts)Homage (arts)Supper club #10 that would be disappointing. #9 is not their strong suit. #8 that won’t …

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The Difference Between Liking And Loving Someone

#10 Ways Cute When you really have love with someone you are secure in knowing they will love you no matter how you look. Discoverlove timeLikingPrivacy Policy #9 Come Back Truly loving someone means letting them go because you know they will always come back. #8 Time Travel When you are really in …

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