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10 Things a man will do only if he really loves you

I believe that among many types of relationships we have today is easy to get confused and forget about the features that really add value to a relationship. When someone really cares about you and loves you because he loves you and not because expect something from the relationship that …

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5 Ways To Avoid Pregnancy Without Using Rubber

5 Ways To Avoid Pregnancy Without Using Rubber Getting pregnant when you are not ready for this is like shocking ‘NEWS’ for couples. Couples face this issue because they don’t use it during love making. Isn’t there any way, other than using it to avoid unwanted pregnancies? The answer of …

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7 Definite Signs Your Man Truly Loves you

Do want to you know if he feels the same way you do? Love and dating can be confusing, so I’ll help you figure out if your man’s REALLY into you – and the relationship. A man might drop the “L” word on their partner even though he’s not really …

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Hairdresser Finds Something Dangerous

Hairdresser Finds Something Dangerous On Girl’s Head. How do you feel, when you get to know that an illness or an infestation has started spreading in the city? You freak out, don’t you? You won’t believe what this hairdresser found out when she combed the girl’s hair. And you need …

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She Lost Her Foot To Cancer

She Lost Her Foot To Cancer, But What She Did With It Will Make You Laugh. Doctors who perform amputations on their patients are not usually asked for that part back. Kristi Loyall, is not your typical patient though. In 2011, the young woman began to feel numbness in her …

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