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10 Epic Photoshop Fails That Are Trending On Social Media

It’s no new that every picture you see in magazines or over the web is altered. Be it turning a model into perfectly slim shape, modifying the background or hide a person’s blemishes-almost every image is changed according to needs. On the other hand, people have started using various applications …

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9 Places To Touch A Woman To Make Her Fall For You

If you think that only a few of the women’s body parts like vagina, butt, and breasts arouse them, then you are partially correct. It is a well-known fact that these body parts are those areas which arouse a woman, but there are a few other regions as well, which are …

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20 Pics That Prove You Can’t Trust Anyone These Days

#20 We’ve got to find that interview. If he doesn’t do a great Cookie Monster voice, he’s doing a great disservice to the universe. #19 it’s not what you think. It’s yogurt with peach and apple strips. Nothing is trustworthy. #18 This monkey doesn’t trust anybody. Hopefully, the toddler and the monkey go …

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7 Behaviors That Could Ruin Your Relationship

#7 Eye Contact Is Important Eye contact is important when you are speaking with people you care for, especially with your better half. This is an indicator of you giving them assurance that you are there with them 100%. Without this, people would feel unwanted and like they are bothering you. …

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How To Plan Your First Night With Him!

Just thinking about your first night with your partner might give you goosebumps.You are already concerned about what to wear, what s33x moves to try for, the awkward moment and so on. Thinking too much will only get you anxious. We give you simple tips to overcome all worries 1- …

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