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Hairy Styles

6 SimpleTips For Hair Straightening At Home

6 Simple & Natural Homemade Tips For Hair Straightening At Home   The trend of straight hair has rewritten the style book. Hair straightening products are very much in demand. But the chemicals which are mostly used to make your hair flat and sleek, leave their impact on the health …

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Home Remedies for Smooth and Shiny Hair Permanently

Home Remedies for Smooth and Shiny Hair Having healthy, smooth and shiny hair is every woman’s wish. Whether long, short or medium, straight or curly, having hair that is smooth and silky always gives a good feel.But very few people possess naturally smooth and silky hair. Most women have got …

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Eggs for dry, Frizzy and hair growth fast

Eggs for dry hair and hair growth Although eggs are one of the most commonly used foods in the kitchen, they are useful for more than just baking and cooking. Since the 1940s or earlier, women have made egg hair treatment mixes as well as selected shampoos that contain eggs. …

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Hair Oil For Fast Hair Growth And Get Longer And Silky Hair

Hair Growth Oil Mask: Get Thick Hair and Prevent Hair Loss Thick long and beautiful hair is one of the most visible and eye catching sign of a beautiful women. Women with this type of hair always create a favorable impression on one’s mind with whom she met. Many people …

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How you can color your hair according to your face

How You Can Color And Polish Your Hair According Your Face When it comes to getting ready for experience with hair color, brunettes sometimes have it rough. While persons with light color hair can change their color measures and easily change into more very much shades (red, white-blonde, ashy brown), …

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Toners to repairs hair loss

The Best Way To Repair Hair Loss Hair Toner is an answer that helps refresh and cover up dried and uneven color designs when you mark or mark your hair. Toner is not only good for the hair, but it also can support the beauty of your marks. If you …

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