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Hairy Styles

Twisted Edge Fishtail Braid!

This braid tends to hold up very well and would be perfect for school, work, sports, and other occasions. If you so desire, this braid can be wrapped up into a bun, forming a beautiful patterned updo. Watch Video: [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4fTz0tXJbc&w=854&h=480] Source: Princess Hairstyles (You Tube)

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11 Perfect Tips To Have Shiny And Healthy Hair

Everybody wants healthy hair, that can withstand the beating of the sun, salt water, pollution and still stay luscious and shiny.Of course, there are products you can use to strengthen the hair but let’s face it. They can be too expensive for regular use and then just like your skin, …

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What Does Your Hair Length Say About You

Growth Chart Know yourself according to the hair length you have. Source Ear Length Hair You are intelligent, your hair length is smart and no-nonsense, just like you. You’re a quick thinker and always get straight to the point. Source Chin Length Hair You are creative–no matter what the problem …

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Beautiful Elastic Tree Hairstyle Tutorial 2016

Beautiful Elastic Tree Hairstyle Tutorial 2016 This easy hairstyle is very pretty for little girls. Its a beautiful elastic tree hairstyle. You need start from making a small pony and then keep adding more small strands from the side and hold them together. It will look like a tree with …

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