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How To Use Cayenne Pepper In Emergency Situations

Dr. Christopher (1909-1983) was an American herbalist known for his publications on herbs and their natural healing powers. Even though he didn’t have a doctorate, John Raymond Christopher was referred to as Dr. Christopher because he was always helping. Helping people. With peppers. Although he didn’t only use peppers, Dr. …

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How To Recognize And Prevent A Heatstroke

It’s easy to overdo it in the sun, especially if you’re having fun and staying active. Sweat can cool your body down for a while, but as temperatures climb, it’s impossible for your body to fight off overheating on its own. Prepare for your next outdoor outing with these heat …

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How To Eat Right For Your Blood Type

Peter D’Adamo, a world famous neuropathic medic, is author of the book Eat Right for Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight. He believes that blood types are crucial for overall health and well-being and that certain foods can be good …

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Six Simple Steps To Lose Weight While You Sleep

Of course nights are great for going on dates, binge-watching Netflix, doing work, chatting on the phone—you name it. But you know what else they’re great for? Setting yourself up for bigger and better weight-loss results. Just follow these tips to get yourself that much closer to your goal weight. …

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