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How to lose lower belly fat quickly at home

How to lose lower belly fat

Well, there is no simple answer to your complex question. Belly fat is hard to lose but when it comes to losing lower belly fat it becomes even harder. But don’t worry we will share few simple techniques which will help you lose lower belly fat in few months if you work hard then you will start seeing results in on time. Bad lifestyle is number one cause of not only belly fat but fat on any part of your body. If you are eating junk food regularly then you need to stop it immediately if you are serious to lose lower belly fat. We will tell you some easy exercises¬†& foods which will help you lose lower belly fat in few months. Let’s get on to it.

Exercises to lose lower belly fat

Try to do as much cardio as you can. It increases heart rate which in turn burn more calories. Cardio & Aerobic are a general exercise to lose fat in the overall body but we are going to tell you few exercises which target lower belly fat and if you do in regularly you will lose lower belly fat quickly.

Roll Up

With your legs straight, lie on your back. Start by extending your arms and taking them behind your head to the maximum point of extension (this is the starting position). Inhale, move your arms towards the ceiling and roll your upper torso off the floor; when you are halfway up, exhale, roll forward and reach your toes. Inhale, reverse the movement; when you are halfway, exhale and return to the position from where you started. This will help you lose lower belly fat super fast.

Straight Leg Raise

Keeping your legs straight, lie on the floor with your toes pointing towards the wall and put your hands under your buttock (this is the starting position). Inhale and raise both the legs up to form a right angle. Exhale and with a slow movement lower your legs to just slightly above the floor (around 4 inches). Do 10 repetitions. If you can do more, don’t hesitate to do more as it will help you lose lower belly fat quickly.

Hip Lift

Start by raising both your legs up at the right angle and extending both your arms to your side. Inhale and pull your belly button towards the spine. While exhaling, lift your hips a couple of inches off the ground and roll them towards your belly. Inhale and lower your hips slowly. Do 10 repetitions and you will see how fast you are losing your lower belly fat.

Reverse Crunches

Start with lying on your back and knees curled at 90 degrees and arms on your sides. Contract your abs, lift your knees and curl them towards your chest while exhaling. While you inhale, lower your legs slowly and keep them on the ground. Do this regularly and your lower belly fat will be gone in no time.

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