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This Is What A Mole On Your Body Says About Your Personality

Moles and their locations on the body have got relations to our personality same as the palm lines, ring fingers and toes. In fact, the mole positions on the body have something to reveal about our future. Find out what they can say about you!

  1. Moles on the chin or mouth

Moles on the mouth are a sign of beauty, and people who have them often lead a balanced life.

  1. Mole on the right part of the forehead

You’re lucky: wealth, success and fame are awaiting you!

  1. Moles on the cheek

If your mole is on the right side of the cheek, you are a sensitive person. If it’s on the left – you are an introvert.

  1. Moles on the nose

Short-tempered and flirty person, at least until they find the love of their lives.

  1. Moles on the chest

If you have a mole on your chest or breast you’re a lazy person believing in the luxuries of life.

  1. Mole on the white part of the eye (sclera)

This signifies easy money if it’s on the right side. If the mole is on the left side, it indicates ignorance.



  1. Mole on the shoulder

This mole position indicates people who are responsible and very sensible.

  1. Moles on palms

If the mole is on your right hand, it’s a sign of wealthy life; if it’s on the left – a free-spending life.

  1. Moles on feet

This person is a traveler, born to explore the world.

  1. Mole beneath the eyebrows

This position indicates a creative and beautiful person.

  1. Mole on the ear lobe

This mole signifies a family loving and trustworthy person.

  1. Mole on the neck

A rather often sight, the mole on the neck is a sign of a person with good personality.

  1. Moles on arms

A really good decision maker; you have power in your arms.

  1. Moles on fingers

This person should have obstacles in his\hers early life which will be overcome soon.

Source: www.wittyfeed.com

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