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This Woman Raised Her Shirt To Display Something Truly Inspiring

Being pregnant can be really difficult. I cannot be pregnant, but every single one of us has a mother who has gone through the same excruciating process so that we could live and be part of the family. We basically owe our lives to the effort and care our mothers have given us, whether we were still in her womb or when we were kids who went to school. One of the not-so-nice effects of being pregnant is that the body drastically changes, and to some, the appearance is unsightly. But that is okay because that is natural. Women shouldn’t be pressured to be fit immediately after giving birth because not everyone has the luxury to do that. And again, that’s entirely okay. Via

Meet Julie

This is Julie Bhopal, a lovely nutritional consultant from New Zealand who has given birth to two wonderful children. To show that it’s okay to show the scars from pregnancy, she started documenting the changes for 14 weeks.

It’s Scary, But It’s Normal

Julie assured women, especially those who do not have children yet or are pregnant, that the effects of pregnancy can indeed be disgusting, but it’s real and it should not be feared at all. After 24 hours, a mother would feel that there is still a big bulge inside her, and even after two days, huge blood clots would still come out, which is normal.

After Two Weeks

After fourteen days, Julie felt more alive than after giving birth that has stressed her out so much. Her tummy has gotten smaller, although it is still noticeable. She describes a period-like bleeding that never really ends, but she can finally get out of her pajamas to wear pregnancy clothes.

After 14 Weeks

After more than three months, Julie has officially escaped the new-born phase of giving birth. She now feels more human than an awkward zombie, although she is left with the signs of motherhood — which are normal. The ‘flat’ tummy still has stretch marks, but it’s okay.

Cannot Run A Marathon

Julie might not be able to survive or complete a marathon anymore, but today she is in a marathon of taking care of her two children who are absolutely delightful and are definitely worth her time and attention.

A Mother Is Amazing

A mother might not ever look like a supermodel, but that’s not a problem and that should not make women feel bad about themselves. Rather than focusing on the physical appearance, a mother is better off appreciating the gift of motherhood and what matters deep inside — of the happiness and triumph involved in having a family.

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