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you’re really special if you have these two holes in your lower back. read on to find out!

#1 dimples

We often envy those with facial dimples, but did you know that’s not the only thing racking up all the envy?

#2 back or butt dimples

Ever heard of back/butt dimples? Yes, if you have these symmetrical indentations on your body, you are in for a lot of luck, my friend.

#3 venus holes

Some people have visible symmetrical dimples on their back, known as Venus Holes. These holes are created by a small ligament which stretches the skin and spine. They are interpreted as signs of beauty, therefore, named after Venus the Roman goddess of beauty and love. Men can also have these, but they are given a more masculine name of Apollo Holes.

#4 thought to be hereditary

Not everybody has these beautiful indentations. They are usually found where the two bones link at the pelvis. There is no muscle in the area, and the skin stretches over the gap, so a small indentation or ‘hole’ appears on the skin just above the waistline.

#5 common with curvy bodies

Most people with Venus Holes have them because of genetic predisposition. You’re more likely to have them if it runs in your family. People who are built with a curvy physique are most likely to have the dimples, which could explain why those who have the cute dimples appear more attractive to others.

#6 located at the spine and sacroiliac

Venus Dimples can be found just above the Posterior Superior Iliac Spine. The location of this joint fusion is helpful in allowing blood flow properly through the anal and pelvic regions, allowing for hypersensitivity in the area. While they are most noticeable in athletes and those who are more outgoing, researchers are uncertain if that is because the dimples cause an extra boost of blood flow to the body or if the athletic behavior helps produce the dimples.

#7 sexual benefits of venus holes

So what does all this mean? These holes have health benefits. The “Venus Holes” are a sign of good circulation and a healthy body. They also have a sexual benefit. Individuals with Venus Holes have been known to achieve orgasms easier. This is because Venus holes facilitate good circulation and because of their strategic location around the pelvic area, climaxing becomes easy. People with the Apollo or Venus dimples have sex more often because they are easily excited and it’s usually more pleasurable.

#8 either you have them or you don’t

Since they are located in an area where there is no muscle, it is impossible to get these dimples with exercise. So, it isn’t something you can “work your way towards”, unlike abs. Even people who are overweight can see the dimples if they have them, though losing weight in those who do not have the holes will not produce them.

#9 ‘dimpler’s’ are more at peace in mind and body

The important thing is not to have them for the looks but to be proud of your genetic predisposition for good circulation and health. These holes indicate healthy circulation which in turn brings a healthy body and mind and a healthy overall lifestyle.

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