Effective Rice Home Remedy To Remove Wrinkles At Home

We consume rice in our daily life every day but very few know that rice can help you remove your wrinkles naturally. Rice is used in almost all beauty products in Korean. Koreans understand the benefits of rice very well. It’s very easy to prepare face mask with rice. But we are not only going to use Rice instead we will use it with a combination of other natural ingredients.

Rice Face Mask For Wrinkles
Rice Face Mask For Wrinkles



The first thing that we need is boiled rice and make no mistake, we are not going to throw the boiled rice water. We will use the boiled water at the end.


Honey is also used in several beauty products and it acts as a natural moisturizer. It goes deep into your skin and hydrates it inside. Honey is very effective against acne and pimples.


Milk is another ingredient of the rice face mask. Milk is a natural moisturizer and makes your skin smooth and glowing.

Prepare The Rice Face Mask

Boiled Rice With Water
Boiled Rice With Water

Preparing the rice mask is pretty easy. Take 3 tablespoons of rice. Put it in a bowl and boil it. Separate the rice grains and boiled water from each other.

Take one tablespoon of honey at add into the rice bowl. Take 3 tablespoons of warm milk and add it into the mixture. Now mix it thoroughly.

Rice Face Mask Honey & Milk Mixture
Rice Face Mask Honey & Milk Mixture

How To Apply The Rice Face Mask

It’s very important to clean your face before applying the rice face mask. Make sure you wash your face with a quality facewash or any antibacterial soap. Apply this paste evenly on your whole face. And gently rub it on your face for at least 2 minutes. After applying the mask massage your face with your fingers for another 10 minutes.

After massage leaves the mask on your face for another 10 minutes. After the mask is dried on your skin take the boiled water that we separated from the rice initially. Wash your face with the rice boiled water and clean your face with a towel.


Repeat the above process twice a week and after a few months, you will see that wrinkles on your face are getting invisible. This is a very common home remedy in Japan & Korea. We all know how good is the skin of Korean and Japanese girls.

Bonus Tip

You can freeze the rice boiled water and use it as a lotion. It will keep your skin smooth and wrinkle-free.


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