Treat Premature Grey Hair With Potato Peels Home Remedy

Premature grey hair is very common these days. Its understandable with age but grey hair at a young age is something new. Hair turns grey at an average age of 50. What why people’s hair is turning grey in their 20’s. Well, this is what we are going to talk about in this article.

Premature Grey Hair Home Remedy
Premature Grey Hair Home Remedy

Your hair turns grey when color-producing cells stop producing pigmentation. Premature grey hair is a common problem in young men and women. It is believed that stress, food, and pollution are the main causes. In some people, grey hair may cause due to their genetic problems. Most of the cases are connected with lifestyle & the surroundings we are living in.

Treat Premature Grey Hair With Potato Peel


  • 5 medium size potatoes
  • lavender oil


  • Peel off the 5 potatoes thoroughly
  • Keep peels in a bowl
  • Take 2 cups of waters in a saucepan
  • Boil that water on high flames
  • When water starts boiling add those peels into the water
  • Keep the peels boiling for 5 minutes
  • Filter the water out of peels
  • Store the water into any container
  • Add 2 drops of lavender oil in it
  • Your potatoes peel oil is ready

Potato peel

How To Apply?

  • Apply the water onto your hair after shampoo
  • Massage this water on your hair for 5 minutes
  • Do not wash your hair after applying the potatoes peel water
  • Dry your hair and style your hair like you used to


Apply potato peel oil twice a week for the best result. After a month you will start seeing the results. First, your gray hair process will stop and after a few months of regular use, Your hair will start turning black again.

You may store the potatoes peel oil in a container for long-term use. Make sure you store the container in a cold place and there is no sunlight.

Causes Of Premature Grey Hair


Most of the time premature grey hair is linked to your genetics. You can blame your parents for it and in turn, they can blame theirs. If you are parents has premature grey hair then chances are that you will have too.

Deficiency Of Vitamin B12

Deficient of vitamin B12 is directly responsible for premature grey hair. Deficiency of B12 accelerate the process of premature grey hair and if consume food which is rich in B12 or takes supplements then premature grey hair process will be slowed down.

Prolonged Illness

If you suffered through a prolonged illness then chances are you will premature grey hair. Research has shown that people suffering through thyroid are at more risk to get premature grey hair.


It is very common in people who are going through a stressed environment. You need to be happier and less stressful to stop premature grey hair. People who are working in a stressed environment have more chances of premature grey hair than other people of the same age and group.


If you are a smoker and start seeing gray hair then you need to stop smoking immediately. Research has shown that people who are regular smoker have 45% more chance of having grey hair than non-smokers. So you if you want to have black hair till your 50’s then you stop smoking now.

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