PTV Sports Live Streaming – Buffer & Ads Free Experience

PTV Sports is a premium Pakistani sports channel that broadcast most of the sports especially Cricket. Whenever there is a cricket match going on most of the sports fan try to search PTV sports streaming but they may have a hard time doing so. PTV sports live streaming is very hard to find but we bring you a reliable sports website that stream PTV sports live and the best part is that it does not have annoying popunders and hard to close ads.

PTV Sports Live
PTV Sports Live


Our PTV Sports live stream is in HD quality and it is also buffering free! Amazing right? Well, we have to do a lot of hard work to make it buffer free. We have to host several nodes in regions near South Asia like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore. These strategic locations help us give buffer free experience to our cricket fans in Pakistan & India and other south Asian countries.

One of the best features of PTV Sports live streaming is that we do not place those stupid and annoying ads on our website to make more money. Instead, we like our cricket fans. We do not place popunders and other ads that destroy the buffer free stream experience.

We are constantly working on a few new features that would let you choose the nearest streaming servers to your location. For example, if you are watching PTV Sports live streaming from Pakistan it would let you select the streaming server located in Saudi Arabia and Dubai but imagine if you are from India and wants to enjoy cricket that would make it hard to have a buffer free streaming. Well, in that case, we got you covered and you can enjoy streaming broadcasted from Singapore. Long story short we are striving hard to give you the best streaming experience.

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