How To Use Neem Oil For Hair Growth – Get Long Hair In 2 Weeks

Neem oil is extracted from the Neem tree leaves. Neem is found in India, Pakistan & Bangladesh. Its an evergreen tree and it’s oil is often found in beauty products. Neem oil is often used in Herbal & Ayurvedic medicine. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and due to these properties it is also used as a pesticide and to heal the wounds.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, Neem has strong antibacterial and inflammatory properties and also showed potential for the treatment of diabetes. You can buy the Neem oil from Amazon easily but if you really want the natural oil then you can prepare it at home. First, we are going to learn how to extract Neem oil from its leaves and then I will show you how to use it on your hair and get crazy hair growth.

Prepare Neem Oil At Home

First of all, take a bunch of Neem leaves and wash it with water. Remove all dirt and dry water from the leaves. Use a grinder and make a paste of Neem tree leaves.

Neem Tree Leaves Paste
Neem Tree Leaves Paste

Take a small bowl of coconut oil. Now we are going to boil the coconut oil. Do not bowl the oil directly on the flame, Instead, we are going to use a double boiler. Its like put a saucepan full of water on the flame and in this water you are going to put the bowl of coconut oil. This way coconut oil will get warm with hot water but not with the direct flame. It’s very important to do this step.

Neem Oil Double Boiler
Neem Oil Double Boiler

After the coconut oil starts boiling we will put the Neem leaves paste into it. Keep boiling until its color is changed to dark green.

Filter the liquid and store it in a jar. Congratulation your oil is not ready to use.

Watch Neem oil for hair growth youtube video to see the process in detail.

Use Neem Oil For Crazy Hair Growth

Use Neem oil like any other oil on your hair. Dip your fingers in the oil and use your fingers to massage your scalp with the oil. In order to get the best results to use Neem oil on your hair at night and at early morning wash your hair with cold water. One thing to remember is that Neem has a very strong smell so if you are not comfortable with it then use the oil 2 hours before taking shower.


Neem oil will stimulate the hair growth and in few weeks you will notice the hair growth. This oil is not only good for hair growth but also hydrate the calp as well as remove dandruff. If you are worried about dandruff and have used all kind of shampoo and medicine then use this oil and you will never complain about dandruff.

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